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The best way to improve – use your English!

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Active Vocabulary English Club

Everybody knows that the best way to improve in a foreign language is to use it! But it's not so easy. Where can you practise your English with native speakers and other learners?

English clubs are a great idea. There, you can chat to other learners and improvers in English, and sometimes to native speakers. But what do you do if there isn't an English club near you, or if it's not convenient to make the trip there every week?

Fortunately, the internet has the answer. Now you can join in the conversation online in a friendly group and talk as much as you want – at the Active Vocabulary English Club! Practise listening and speaking about topics that interest you. And it's free!

The conversation doesn't always have to be about the weather and your hobbies! In one of the favourite activities in the Active Vocabulary English Club, each person brings a photograph. It could be something from the news, or just a nice photo that you've seen somewhere. You upload your photo to the Skype chat, so that everyone can see it; you say a few words to introduce your photo, and to explain why you find it interesting. And then we invite everyone to talk about it – and see where the conversation takes us! The only thing we ask is that you choose more-or-less happy photos that won't upset or offend anyone.

Some info about the Active Vocabulary English Club:

  • meets on Wednesdays, from 17:00 to 19:00 GMT (UTC)
  • is hosted by me, Douglas, a native-British English teacher
  • uses Skype
  • you need a reasonable internet connection
  • a good headset with microphone
  • membership is free

If you would like more information, send me an email. I'll be very happy to tell you more. And if you would like to join in the conversation, I'll add you to our AV English Club Skype group – and you'll be ready to go!

For technical reasons, places are limited, so don't hesitate. We hope to see you online!