Guided conversation practice

You know the basics but you just need to practise? You want someone who can guide you, correct your mistakes and give you patient, friendly, professional advice.


Listening practice

You recognise the words when you read them, but it's not so easy when you're listening to someone speaking? The answer … practice, practice, practice. We'll listen to a wide variety of audio and video material to give you lots of practice in listening.


Grammar practice

We'll go over all the grammar topics that you need. There will be explanations and practice in everything we cover, so if there are some grammatical issues that often give you problems, this is where to come!


Structured course

We'll work with the highly respected Headway coursebook. Headway gives you a methodical route to your required level of English. It covers all the grammar, vocabulary and language structures that you need. There is lots of practice in all four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.


Building Vocabulary

We'll use a variety of materials – written, audio and video – to take us into a range of different subject areas. We'll build vocabulary by listening and discussing. We'll learn not only individual words, but also collocations (words that often appear together) and idioms.


Preparation for PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS

We'll use various materials to prepare for these respected, but challenging, exams. We'll practise all the necessary skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. For FCE and CAE, we'll study the use of English. We'll work with the appropriate coursebook, as well as other materials. We'll focus on the areas that give you the most difficulty. Preparing for these exams can take months, so don't wait too long before starting. Act now and book classes with an experienced teacher.


Work with a native-speaking teacher

Learn more quickly from an experienced, qualified and friendly teacher.


English Teacher

After a long career in software development, I decided to stop playing with computers and start working with people. So I became an English teacher.
It was a good choice. Many years later, I still enjoy helping people all around the world to learn and improve their English.
I can't dance and I'm a terrible singer but I'm pretty good at helping people to understand the music of English.
If you have any questions about how I could help you, follow the link above to my page on italki or LinkedIn, or just send me an email.